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16/12/11. My health did not allow me to take leave of you by means of some extra news items.
That’s why there is nothing left for me but to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy 2012.
As of January 1st, 2012 this site will be shut down.

Port Wine News of August 6th, 2011:

We will stop with Infoportwine.com
Benefício 2011: dramatic reduction.
Harvest expectations 2011.
Quinta da Foz sold to Angolan group.
Taylor’s Scion Colheita 1855 per glass.
Francisco Olazabal honorary doctor.
- Jorge Monteiro president of ViniPortugal.
Martins, João Paulo: The Pleasure of Port, a reissue.
Movie ‘Life on the Douro’ by Zev Robinson.
Luxury weekend 2011 harvest.
- Renovation Graham’s visitors centre.
Exhibition on Ferreirinha.
Sales numbers first half year 2011.
IVDP events calendar as of August 6th, 2011.
Revista de Vinhos no. 260, July 2011. 
- Wine competitions generally. 
- Florida IWC combined with Miami IWF.
- San Francisco International Wine Competition 2011.
Spiegelau International Wine Competition 2011. 

We will stop with Infoportwine.com
06/08/11. On July 28th it was ten years ago that we published this site for the first time. This seems like an appropriate moment for us to reconsider our position. We have been aware for a long time that we should really update all of the techniques behind the site completely. But we currently lack the energy and/or the necessary resources to do so.

So with some sadness, but without much regret we decided to discontinue this site.

This month’s publication is the last extensive one. On December 31st , 2011 will terminate our service provider subscription. Perhaps we will publish some special messages during that time.

We thank all our visitors and supporters for their attention and their many kind words.

Perhaps the following parts of our activities can be of interest to others:
-      Parts of the site content.
-      The domain name infoportwine.com.
-      The extensive database of wine competitions.

Benefício 2011: dramatic reduction.
06/08/11. The interprofessional council (Conselho Interprofissional da Região Demarcada do Douro) of the IVDP has set the benefício (production quota) for the next Port Wine harvest at 85,000 pipas (casks of 550 litres) of most (before adding aguardente), a decrease by almost 23%.
In 2010 the representatives of the trade (AEVP) had already suggested a reduction by 10,000 pipas, but the president of the council (the president of the IVDP) at the time supported the producers (Casa do Douro) proposal not to lower the quota. Now the president
has agreed with the representatives of the trade.
The reduction is based on the stagnating sales and the subsequent continuing poor expectations. See also:
Sales numbers first half year 2011.

From 2001 the development of the benefício has been as follows:
2001: 154,000 pipas.
2002: 135,000 pipas or – 12.3%.
2003: 107,900 pipas or – 20.1%.
2004: 126,000 pipas or + 16.8%.
2005: 120,000 pipas or – 4.85%.
2006: 123,500 pipas or + 2.9%.
2007: 125,000 pipas or + 1%.
2008: 123,500 pipas or – 1.2%.
2009: 110,000 pipas or – 10.9%.
2010: 110,000 pipas.
2011:   85,000 pipas or – 22.7%.

Harvest expectations 2011.
06/08/11. Early July the ADVID expected an average yield in the Douro of 240,000 pipas (minimal 218,000, maximum 264,000 pipas/casks of 550 litres must).  This average is a decrease of almost 11% compared to the real production of 266,302 pipas in 2010. The average production from 2001 to 2010 was 255,733 pipas.

The ADVID (Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Viticultura Duriense) is the development institute for the viniculture in the Douro region.

For the complete bulletin see: http://www.advid.pt/ with WORKSHOP "ANO VITÍCOLA - BALANÇO INTERCALAR" of 2011-07-01 and choose Previsão do Potencial de Produção da vindima de 2011.

The current growing season is experiencing problems. The climate was unstable with severe heat in April and May, followed by thunderstorms and hail creating conditions for the fungal mildew and oidium. Oscar Quevedo mentioned losses of up to 50% in his blog.
Late July the Symington Family reported on Decanter online the worst 'sunburn' in living memory, especially in the Douro Superior.
All this will certainly reduce the size of the harvest with often as a result that the quality is positively influenced.

Quinta da Foz sold to Angolan group.
06/08/11. After some 125 years the Cálem family has sold its Quinta da Foz at the mouth of the Rio Pinhão to a group of Angolan investors. In 1998 the family had already sold the largest part of its Port possessions to Sogevinus (the brand Cálem, the installations in V.N. de Gaia and the Port stocks). The family continues as owner of Q. do Sagrado (16.5 hectares). The Douro wine project/brand PV Wines, a partnership of José Maria Cálem, Jorge Serôdio Borges and Cristiano van Zeller, is also left out of the transaction.

Q. da Foz in Gouvens do Douro, Pinhão has 50 hectares of vineyards. The quinta has extensive tourist facilities including a number of guest rooms. The final sale price was not disclosed.
(Source: Revista de Vinhos online of 06/07/11.)

Taylor’s Scion Colheita 1855 per glass.
06/08/11. To mark the opening of the InterContinental Porto-Palácio das Cardosas Hotel, the InterContinental London Park Lane Hotel was looking for something special to draw attention to Portugal. They opted to serve the Taylor’s Scion Colheita 1855 per glass. The price comes to 100 English pounds.
(Source: Eatoutmagazine online of 06/07/11.)
See also our News item of
08/11/10: Taylor’s launches 155 years old Port.

Francisco Olazabal honorary doctor.
06/08/11. On June 3rd Francisco Olazabal (73) of Quinta de Vale Meão has been appointed honorary doctor at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro in Vila Real.
(Source: Lusa of 03/06/11).

Jorge Monteiro president of ViniPortugal.
06/08/11. In April the former president of the IVDP, Jorge Monteiro, was appointed to president of ViniPortugal, a trade organisation to promote Portuguese wines, brandy’s and vinegars on the home and export markets.

For over nine years Monteiro was president of the Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto leaving unexpectedly in the summer of 2008. Some rumours spoke of a forced departure. He then took up to a board function on one of the commercial companies of Belmiro de Azevedo-Sonae. See our News item of 01/11/08: New management IVDP.

In December 2008 Monteiro was granted a Career Award 2008 of the IVV, the Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho. See our News item of 14/02/09: IVV Awards 2008 for Monteiro and DUORUM.

Martins, João Paulo: The Pleasure of Port, a reissue.
06/08/11. The Pleasure of Port is a reissue of A Wine Lover’s Guide to Port from January 2001 (see: Library). Besides a new name the book has an attractive new design, many new photographs and an update of the text. The text changes mainly concern the organisation of the sector, new types (Rosé, older Whites) and new techniques.

The booklet is especially suited for a first introduction to Port Wine, but is also suited for connoisseurs due to its value given by the authority of Martins in the world of Port.

The Pleasure of Port - The Inside Story of a Unique Fortified Wine; Publ. Livros d’Hoje; June 2011; ISBN 978-972-20-4661-9; meas. 126x225x9 mm; 182 pages.-paperback; 14 Euros. Also available in Portuguese: Tudo sobre o Vinho do Porto; ISBN 978-972-20-4660-2.

Movie ‘Life on the Douro’ by Zev Robinson.
06/08/11. The Spanish producer Zev Robinson is currently finishing his movie project Life on the Douro, which already has some footage on YouTube.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SjhATsAiXY  and


The different possibilities to support this project and to buy theb DVD are available here:


Luxury weekend 2011 harvest.
06/08/11. The specialized English tour operator ‘frui’ offers a possibility for a special Port weekend from September 22nd to 25th for up to twelve participants. Decanter (the wine magazine) will act as host of this event. Graham’s (The Symington Family Estates) and Taylor’s (The Fladgate Partnership) are the two companies that exclusively participate in the program.

The offer includes:

-      Nights at the Yeatman Hotel in V.N. de Gaia and at Quinta do Vesúvio in the Douro region.
-      Train and boat trip along, respectively on the Douro.
-      The opportunity to participate in foot treading.
-      Tour and dinner in the Factory House.
-      Visits of Graham’s and Taylor’s lodges with tutored tastings. 
-      Lunch or dinner with tasting in the board room of the Symington Family.

The price is 1,700 English pounds per person (single supplement 250 pounds).

For more information see: http://www.frui.co.uk/ and http://www.frui.co.uk/decanter 

Renovation Graham’s visitors centre.
06/08/11. Every year Graham’s centre (Symington Family Estates) in V.N. de Gaia receives over 60,000 visitors. On June 30th a major renovation of this complex was initiated. On this occasion Paul Symington said:

In a time of considerable economic uncertainty in Portugal and elsewhere in Europe, this is evidence of the continued confidence of my family in the future of Port and Douro Wines.

The plans of architect Luís Loureiro include:
-      A museum.
-      Expansion of the tasting room.
-      A new wine shop.
-      A new restaurant overlooking the Douro and both banks and of course a lot of attention for the own Ports and Douro wines.

The investment for the project is 2 million Euros.
The inauguration will take place sometime in 2012.

Exhibition on Ferreirinha.
06/08/11. The life and work of Dona Antónia - Ferreirinha (1811-1896) is the subject of an exhibition in the establishment of Ferreira (Sogrape) in V.N. de Gaia.
The exhibition can be found in the Hall da Cruz, an old warehouse, and is open daily from 10.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 18.00. Admission is free. 

Sales numbers first half year 2011.
06/08/11. The sales results in 2011 have dropped steeply from slightly positive in January to dramatically bad for the first half year. The latest numbers (export + Portugal) of the Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto (IVDP) are as follows:

-      the volume of all Port sold decreased by 9.3%.
      the revenue of all Port sold decreased by 9.4%.

-    the volume of the Standard Ports sold decreased by 8.7%.
-    the revenue of the Standard Ports sold decreased by 9.3%.

-      the volume of the Special Categories/Premium Ports sold decreased by 12.4%.
      the revenue of the Special Categories/Premium Ports sold decreased by 9.4%.

For more information see: http://www.ivdp.pt/pagina.asp?codPag=73&codSeccao=6&idioma=0 

IVDP events calendar as of August 6th, 2011. 
06/08/11. The Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto has planned the following events in Canada and France:

October 18th: Great Port Wine Tasting - The Design Exchange - Toronto.
. October 19th: Great Port Wine Tasting - Entrepôt Dominion - Montreal.
. October 20th: Great Port Wine Tasting - Le Germain Hotel - Calgary.

November 18th: Hotel Schools in France - Lycée Michel Servet - Lille.
. December 9th: Hotel Schools in France - Lycée Michel Servet - Lille.

See also: http://www.ivdp.pt/pagina.asp?content=eventos  

Revista de Vinhos no. 260, July 2011. 
06/08/11. The July issue of the Portuguese wine magazine Revista de Vinhos contains the following information on Port Wine:

New products:
The Krohn Rosé got 15.5 points out of 20 from the editorial staff.
The Krohn Colheita 2001 scored 16.5 points.

Vintages 2009:
Luís Antunes reports the launching of some Vintages 2009 of the Symington group and of the Fladgate Partnership. The scores are: 
- The Croft got 17.5 points.
- The Quinta do Vesúvio, the Dow’s Q. Senhora da Ribeira, the Warre’s and the Fonseca 18.5 points.
- The Taylor’s 19 points.
- The Taylor’s Vargellas Vinha Velha 19.5 points. 

See also our News item of 04/06/11: Vintages 2009 (2).

Florida IWC combined with Miami IWF.
06/08/11. The seventh Florida International Wine Challenge, which was programmed for July 8th and 9th , will be combined which the tenth Miami International Wine Fair from September 23rd to 25th . Both events were founded by Mr. Bernad in 2001 and 2004. The FIWC is owned and managed by Vinamericas, Inc. The MIWF is owned by Vintrade, LLC.
For more information see:
http://www.fiwc.net/ and http://www.miamiwinefair.com/index.php 

San Francisco International Wine Competition 2011.
06/08/11. During the 31st San Francisco International Wine Competition from June 17th to 19th Poças scored especially well with its Ports:

-      The Poças Colheita 1976 won a Double Gold Medal and became the ‘Best Port Best In Show Fortified’.
-      The Poças Vintage 2003 also won a Double Gold Medal.
-      The company Poças won the ‘Best of Nation’ Award.

The judgment of this competition is not based on a point system.  The wines are first tasted by a 3 or 4 panel of judges. Each judge gives the wine a medal rating (no medal, Bronze, Silver or Gold).  If all judges vote that the wine is a Gold, then the wine becomes a Double Gold Medal winner.  Should the judges be split, then the medals are averaged to produce the award given. The Double Gold wines are then eligible to be tasted by all judges. From the large group (over 40 judges) the "Best" awards are chosen.

The competition contained 4,184 entries (in 2010: 3,897) from 29 countries of which almost 74% won a medal.

For more information and the other medals see: http://www.sfwinecomp.com/subresults.html  

Spiegelau International Wine Competition 2011. 
06/08/11. During the first Spiegelau International Wine Competition in Marlborough, New Sealand from June 21st to 23rd a gold medal was awarded to the Sandeman LBV 2005.

The medal standards were: Gold 18.5 points or more, Silver 17.0 to 18.4 points and Bronze 15.5 to 16.9 points.
The competition contained almost 1,100 entries of which 64% won a medal.
For more information and the other medals see:


For more news see: News

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